A downloadable game engine for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Game creation for everyone

GDevelop is a free and open-source, cross-platform 2D game development tool designed to be used by anyone, with no prior programming knowledge required.

You can create any kind of game: platformers, puzzles, shoot 'em up, strategy, 8-bit games... GDevelop is general purpose and the game engine powerful enough for any 2D game.

Lil BUB's HELLO EARTH, a retro, 8-bit game made with GDevelop

The Events System - visual programming as its best

The Events system is a powerful way to express the logic of your game, without having to learn a programming language. Events are super easy to learn and are designed to be just as powerful and flexible like any programming or scripting language.

Events support statements, conditional and logical operators, groups, links and loops such as For Each and Repeat...  you can even create functions, to reuse and share your events across projects.

If you feel like you do need to use a more traditional scripting language, you can use a JavaScript block inside an event. It's perfect for reusing a complex algorithm or 3rd-party library.

Built-in editors for quick prototyping and creation

GDevelop is embedding third-party editors like Piskel for creating sprite and pixel-art assets, as well as a sound effect generator. It's ideal for fast prototyping in game jams or making 8bit games!

Editing a sprite with Piskel, embedded editor in GDevelop

Editing a sprite with Piskel, embedded in GDevelop

The editor comes up with an integrated Debugger to inspect your game while previewing it, a Profiler to measure performance and Preview over wifi to quickly test on mobile devices.

Open-source and extensible

GDevelop is open-source, MIT licensed. Games can be freely distributed without any royalties. The project is run on GitHub and based on innovative technologies. Extensions can be developed to enhance the game engine - all built-in features are provided by the extension system.

The dark mode activated, with JavaScript being edited along with events

Bundled with tons of features, out of the box

Objects define what is displayed on the screen: 

  • Sprites with multiple animations - supporting rescaling and tinting,
  • Texts,
  • Tiled sprites and 9-patch objects (useful for background, platforms, etc),
  • Particles emitters,
  • Shape painters to draw arbitrary shapes on screen,
  • ...

The game engine supports multiple layers, time slowdown/speed up, custom hitboxes and is including a collision engine. You can also enhance your objects with pre-defined behaviors: 

  • platformer engine, 
  • physics engine, 
  • pathfinding,
  • automatic clean up of objects outside screen,
  • and more!

Hyperspace Dogfight, a game on Steam made with GDevelop

Export in one click for mobile, desktop and Messenger 

Publish your games to the web (HTML5), iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux and even Facebook Messenger. Games created with GDevelop run anywhere and you can do a one-click export to Android, Windows, macOS and Linux from the app.

Get started with tutorials and help from the community

Learn step-by-step how to use GDevelop or get help about a specific feature: the wiki has tutorials and a complete documentation for the software. Tons of examples are also available and ready to be tried in one click.

A full set of tutorials is available on the official YouTube channel.

GDevelop has a community forum and a Discord - check them out and discuss with other game creators from the community!

Overview by gamefromscratch:

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GDevelop 5 for Windows
GDevelop 5 for macOS (Intel)
GDevelop 5 for macOS (Apple Silicon)
GDevelop 5 for Linux


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excited to see some monetization transparency

...coming up on that 1 year mark and still no word


I made first Indie Game to sell using GDevelop thanks!!

Fantastic Tools


Although it is a pretty good game making tool I do find the lack of any real support very annoying.
I know that the forums are there for support but I personally find the answers on there are so vague that I end up more confused than I was before. 


I was really surprised by how friendly the development environment was. Other engines require scripting knowledge and Gdevelop is almost codeless so everyone can make games easily. No doubts, it's a platform that every beginner should try.


i made a topdown shooter game in a day. it is now for free on my account.


i moved from clickteam fusion to gdevelop last month. in one month i made https://minusdungeongames.itch.io/kouryaku-collection for a game jam.

i love this engine.


I made amogas jamp with this engine LOL play AWHAT plz


i use gdevelop ALL THE TIME


AND unty


Don't run on linux, dumb


It runs fine on Manjaro x64 for me. Try running it from a terminal with ./gdevelop and check if there are any error messages.




My favorite game engine! Very easy and supported!


i really, really like GDevelop and the last two months playing with it blowed my mind in a very satisfiying way. I'm very willed now to make a subscription, but there's no paypal-option just a creditcardform. Could you please create some alternatives? Also, thank you for all the work you put in this powerfull piece of software. I appreciate this a lot!

Deleted 2 years ago

if it was a mistake tell them and you may be unbanned soon.......

is this the latest update 

I have recently started using GDevelop for building my first game(here: https://arnavmk.itch.io/mr-fruit )

Loved the game engine, but i have found it a bit of difficulty with certain aspects of the game development. But overall it was pleasure building the game.

I'd love to receive reviews for the Mr. Fruit game(link above). I do hope to find more features in the future. 

Oh, I checked that the function works normally on other computers. Maybe it was because it was an old laptop. (It may sound awkward because the translator is running)

If i use light, the game does not work. (I use Windows os)

You must put your light in scene or maybe you use same light object in more tha one command line for diffrent events


I love this engine so so much. I think some scene transitions would be good, though. It would be great to not have the scene changes happen so abruptly... Maybe like a fade in or a pause at least...

While you could do them manually in your scene using objects, some events and some clever time manipulation, I agree it would be easier with something built in. I've added a card for you to vote on this feature on the roadmap :) https://trello.com/c/RNGXWHhG/455-add-an-easy-way-to-make-transitions-between-sc...

Thank you so much! Yeah, I managed to find a way to make a transition by using a small animated scene set on a 3 second timer. But it's very tedious since I have to make a new one for every scene transition, and I have so many scenes! So thank you


Hi, I am surprised as GDevelop has an official webpage on Itch.io!

GDevelop is a nice engine. 

I want to say that there is a  constructive discussion on the following  page. In fact, some opinions are about GDevelop. 


Happy that you find it a nice engine, hope it can be useful to you :)

Thanks for the link, I've commented with a few clarifications because there were some misconceptions about how things work in GDevelop!


Love this engine!


Have a 32-bit version?

I've been using the version downloaded from the GDevelop website and I'm really happy with it. I just started tinkering with the physics system and my games feel more lively than ever! Do you happen to know if installing through the Itch desktop app would offer any advantages in terms of keeping it up to date, or would it be better to install new versions myself to avoid compatibility problems with older projects?

I believe downloading from their website, every time there is an update it will download automatically when you're not using GDevelop.

Thanks! I'm pretty sure I had to manually install the last update myself, though - I'm not even sure that GDevelop notified me of the new version. (I've got 5.0.0 and 5.5.0 installed simultaneously in separate folders, so it definitely wasn't updated automatically.)


This is an amazing engine, a few month ago i have downloaded it just for fun and i loved it since then. Currently i am developing my project with it and the more i am discovering it, the more i understand how powerful it is. Anyone who wants to quickly transform their ideas in to a playable experience should give it a try :)

how u download for linux?


Go to https://gdevelop-app.com/download :) 

I love this engine! Easy to use, friendly community and really good documentation.

(1 edit)

I am having a problem with sprites. When I put in more then one animation in sprite it turns them all into one of the animations. This really sucks because I have a project I am working on that can be continued because of this, I hope this gets fixed in the future. I am on Linux.

Hey Rethan2213, this is not a bug. Ask on the forum or on the Discord for more information :)


I can't find any information on the forum. Could you send a link or just tell me?

Other than my problem, this is probably the best 2D game engine for beginners.


The easiest game engine I've had the pleasure to use. I can have a project up and running in minutes if I use pre-defined behaviours, or I can make my own using the event system. For someone with little time on my hands, being able to make something without having to spend hours on tutorials or scouring through complex documentation has been a godsend. I've been using Gdevelop for almost a year now, and have no regrets.


Fantastic! Powerful and easy to use.

Is there currently any way to essentially "comment out"/disable an event or action, such as for troubleshooting a game? If not, this is something I'd find incredibly useful!

Many thanks!


Right click on an empty space on an event > Toggle Disabled :) 

It's only for a whole event though, not specific actions (but you can move them to a disabled event above/under)


The tool in itself is great, however I ran into an issue with the documentation: the tank shooter tutorial uses a "permanent" button when giving the bullets a force that keeps them moving, and said button is gone from the current version. Because of that, bullets stay where they are created when they should be moving in whatever direction they've been fired. A workaround (inspired by the platformer tutorial) is to set an object variable to some specific value when creating a bullet, then create another event to apply the force as long as said variable is set to that value.


Which version are you using? You can check that by clicking on About GDevelop in the menu or in the start page.
This button is actually new and is only in the latest verison of GDevelop ;)


I'm using version 5.0.0-beta55 which I installed two days ago using the Install button in the Itch app. I just checked and the app is apparently not aware of any newer version (at least for Linux)...


Right, Itch.io version is super old I totally forgot to update it! Download the latest one (beta 64) on https://gdevelop-app.com/download


Thanks, I will :)

I can't export my game to windows exe. Please help.

This should be working now ;)


What about Gdevelop? It was love at first sight.

When it comes to creating video games you always think about code all complicated things to understand especially if one is not a programmer.

Gdevelop its potential is that it allows to create a game avoiding all the boring part of the code.

Of course to customize the game is required of the code but the peculiarity of this program is its code integrated within the program that is divided into  "actions " and  "conditions " Of course there are within the program dozens of different commands to better customize the project.

The program is supported by a very active community.


The most simply and logical 2d game engine out there! Easy to jump in and start to make a game. Very beginner friendly!

Here's Tundmatu if you want to check it out!


One of the most beginner friendly game development tool out there. Very easy to use,  well documented, cross-platform, flexible and capable to support just about any kind of 2D game you want to make. I can recommend to anyone at any age, especially to ones who only getting started in the world of game making.

(2 edits) (+5)

This is a great engine for both non-programmers and more advanced users. The event sheet makes it very easy for anyone to pick it up and make a 2d game, but it shouldn't be underestimated-as it packs quite a punch.It has reusable functions and extensions with premade logic that make it easy to very quickly build and experiment with gameplay prototypes.  This makes it a great prototyping tool for programmers. If you are a programmer, GD lets you write actual javascript straight inside the event sheet if you want to- with monaco code editor- being embedded.

Speaking of editors, gdevelop 5 can now be used to author the game sprites too- as piskel is now integrated into it. Animations with layers and a palette editor. I don't think even Construct3 has support for frames AND Layers in its sprites editor. Gdevelop is going further with editors too- there is a sound effects editor included too- very similar to BFXR. A full music tracker is planned for inclusion soon- making Gd5 a complete dev environment - for the whole team. It is near of becoming a fantasy console without limitations! You can export your games to both mobile and desktop targets and sell them with no royalties required. 

Best of all - these technologies come together from a number of open source projects - completely owned by the community of users and free of charge. No hidden catch, no monthly or yearly subscriptions for the features you get- it's completely free. Unlike some of the other software out there, gdevelop will not ask you for subscription fees to make your game. There is no limitation on the number of events you can use in your game. If there is something that you want to change or add to the engine or the editor, you can actually change it- as the source code is right there- with GD you and your team are not at the mercy of a third party company. You own Gdevelop , for as long as you want to :)


5 stars. Used it from years and always enjoyed the feedback and updates ! Real community behind ! The only limit is our imagination.


I have been using this game engine for quite some time now and I must say that this is one of the most easy engines to get into. The visual logic brick system is easy to grasp and if the logic becomes a little more complex JavaScript events are the solution.

I'm using GD5 in my current game project Sakawochi and it is working great.


Awesome IDE, GD5 is online or native app, we can make  games on multiples devices, easy and more cool that others soft like this IMO.
Perfect for a gamejam i already created a game with it : http://www.witly.fr/html5gamejam/
I try to make my second game with GD5 for a export on android with shop :)